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If your firm generates expenses in countries other than your own, you might be entitled to get the already paid Value Added Tax (VAT) refunded. Savings up to 25% and a possible VAT pre-financing can make an enormous difference in your budget. We are the experts for VAT refund on business expenses and proudly serve renowned enterprises for over 20 years. Contact us for a free consultation. No upfront fees.

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Is your company going global? – Most companies do. 

Did you know that you are entitled to reclaim your paid VAT on travel expenses?

Over 6 billion Euro of VAT on travel per year are not being recovered. If you have travel expenses such as accommodation, restaurant, car rental, road tolls, taxi or public transportation in Europe, Canada or Australia, you are entitled to collect some of that money. Global VAT Refund: 20 years of success of VAT refund on travel expenses.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax that is added on most European services and goods and can be reclaimed as foreign companies or individuals. Click for more details.

The rules and regulations of reclaiming VAT vary in each country and change almost yearly. A good relationship with the local tax authorities is one of the keys in successfully reclaiming your VAT. 

If your company has expenses for meetings, incentive travel, conferences or exhibitions/events (MICE) in other countries than your own, you are eligible to reclaim the paid VAT charges. 

Over 400 billion Euro annually are being spent on meetings, incentive travel, conferences or exhibitions/events and some of these expenses can be a huge chunk in a company budget.

Simply send us the scans of your invoices and we handle the process of your VAT refund on business expenses on your behalf.

With your own login, you will be informed about every step of the activities which helps you to calculate your own budget: VAT refund on business expenses made simple for you. Click for more details.

VAT on diesel fuel and road tools are refundable and you might be eligible to get your VAT pre-financed through Global VAT Refund within a few days of submitting your complied invoices. VAT refund on trucking can make a huge differnece in a companies budget. We specialize on VAT refund on fuel and VAT refund on tolls.

For pre-financing, we accept invoices in proper VAT format from oil companies, fuel cards, motorway companies or providers of diesel or toll services.

For all other invoices or if pre-financing is not desired, we submit your invoices for VAT refund on trucking through our local staff on a quarterly or yearly basis with our standard confidentiality and digital security procedures. Click for more details.

Macron Law: foreign carriers providing transportation to or from France or haul through France must comply with the new regulation and appoint a represenative in France.

Available at Global VAT Refund: SIPSI Certificate and representation in France through easy and fast on-line registration.Competitive prices starting at EUR 150 all included.

Click here for easy registration 

If you are a commercial aircraft operator, you are eligible to recover VAT charges on most of your expenses in other countries than your own, such as accommodation, dining and transportation of your crew or landing fees

This opportunity applies to aviation operators, passenger or cargo charter carriers by air or sea, military contractors, air or water ambulance providers, ferries or similar.  

Mineral Oil Tax (M.O.T.) consists of a significant amount and is reclaimable under specific rules and procedures.

However, the process of reclaiming aviation related VAT is very complex and delicate to handle. Global VAT Refund services a number of satisfied aviation clients for almost two decades. Click for more details.

Dealing with tax regulations in various countries can be challenging and time consuming. In large enterprises, entire departments are dedicated to cover it. Click for more details.

No need to build a tax department in your company. Global VAT Refund and its qualified team, licensed staff, local tax advisors and auditors will take care of your tax registrations and the necessary tax documents.

Ask us for our additional international services such as our CASIUS Trust & Business Services worldwide. 

If you are a non-EU citizen and worked in one of EU countries, you might be able to reclaim part of your income tax such as social security, child benefits or depending the country other mandatory taxes.

Calculate immediately how much you might be eligible to reclaim: free online calculator 

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