About Us

Founded in 1998

Global VAT Refund GmbH was founded in 1998 as Tax Refund Erstattungsgesellschaft mbH in Bad Homburg v.d.H., Germany, situated at the same location in the pedestrian zone and old town for almost 15 years.

Nestled between the hills of Taunus and Frankfurt a.M. with the largest international airport in Germany and hub of many European financial enterprises, it is conveniently reachable from most parts in Europe.

Global VAT Refund has been the German market leader for reclaiming foreign corporate VAT for 20 years and has been expanded from serving German clients only to entering the international market together with Global VAT refund AG in Switzerland in 2017.

Global VAT Refund Group has been born, with its official start October 1, 2017

Our Track Record

Our valued clients range from small firms to large enterprises with a turnover over EUR 100 billion (2016). During 20 years of reclaiming VAT for our clients, we reached a high level of expertise and established a well-known name in the industry.

All of our customers trust and appreciate our business ethics, confidentiality,
professionalism and our personal service, most of them for two decades.

Building this high level of trust with our clients for many years, allows us to enter the companies and go through their books to retrieve the VAT compliant invoices.

Global VAT Refund Group continously grows the client portfolio worldwide as well as the international partnership network of independent, qualified tax advisors and tax attorneys.

The success of Global VAT Refund is based on the visionary leadership of founder and CEO, Mr. Steffen Bastian, who is hands on since the first day.

Our Network Partners and Technologies

During our 20 years of successful reclaiming VAT for enterprises, we invited the best of the best of international independent tax advisors and tax attorneys to join forces under the umbrella of Global VAT Refund Group.

We also identified the best and most efficient travel management providers and
established the interfaces to offer an easy process for our international clients, if
desired. Ask for more information.

With local and international IT specialists, we established sophisticated IT solutions and technologies to provide our clients the best quality and most comfortable
processing of theirs invoices.

To guarantee a complete documentation and long-term history of communication with our clients and tax authorities, we updated our CRM (Customer Relation
Management) System which was first time established in 1998 and developed
further a state of the art international CRM system.

Global VAT Refund Group is always a step ahead. The lasting relationship with
satisfied European top-ranking companies and the success rate of 98% is proof for our high qualified services.

Our Technologies That We Use to Process

Global VAT Refund uses advanced Machine Learning Algorithms to automate more than 2.000 VAT rules for Travel Expenses and Supplier Invoices.

Our combined OCR with AI imaging recognition technology speeds up the Invoice scanning process, combined with a database of more than 3 million VAT Numbers for automated tax refunds globally.

Directly connect your ERP and Travel Expense software to refund your VAT. Global VAT Refund further implements Blockchain Technology to ensure security and authenticity of invoices.

Our Locations

We are officially represented in every European country with our network partner offices and our own offices in collaboration with JUWELIS Holding which is also lead by Mr. Steffen Bastian in the following locations:

Feusisberg, Switzerland

Weil am Rhein, Germany

Tampa Bay, Florida

Indochina & Hong Kong

Offices with representations

Average invoices processing per year / 23 years

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Global VAT Refund
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20 Years Experience with 98% Success Rate