Simply collect your invoices and send us your scan or original.

We take care of the entire process and submit your data to the local tax authority. Through our automated processing and reporting system, you will be informed about every step of the activities.

Once the refund is being paid by the local tax authority, we deduct our fee and wire your reclaimed VAT money to your account.

Please check on our login page the different options to submit your invoices and receipts.

For a small extra fee, we are able to arrange that our qualified staff will sort through your travel expenses and accounts receivable in your company. We report our activities and continue the processing of refund (Retrieval Service)

If necessary and economical, we request to reissue non-VAT complied invoices from your supplier on behalf of you to optimize the outcome of VAT refunds

According the country’s tax regulation, we process the typical travel expenses such as hotel, restaurant, rental car, taxi and road tolls as well as the accounts receivable. Please ask us how to get your VAT pre-financed.


No matter if you visit seminars, expos or you are an exhibitor yourself, you are entitled to reclaim the VAT you paid in a country other than your own.

Depending the country, you can save up to 25% of your expenses. In some cases, restrictions apply but we make it easy for you.


If necessary, we contact your supplier and request a VAT complied invoice on your behalf to optimize your VAT refund.

Send us your receipts and invoices from expo entrance tickets, expo exhibition expenditures like construction of booth and catering, seminars, events or incentives for your staff. Please see your options on our login page.

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